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Hi loves, welcome back to my blog! I know it's been a while since I have done a new beauty post, so I of course needed to get back on that! So today I have some of the new MAC Dazzleglasses to share with you. MAC sent me over 5 shades and oh my goodness, they are stunning! MAC recently brought back the dazzleglasses and it was my first time trying them. I have been getting off the liquid lipstick bandwagon lately and have been wearing a lot more gloss, including these.

The Dazzleglass formula is very thick so a little product goes along way. They have beautiful specks of pearl and look stunning on top of lipsticks. The 5 shades I have to share with you are: Extra Amps (sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl), Sugarrimmed (milky pale pink with multipearl), Love Alert (raspberry red with red pearl), Like Venus (bubble gum pink with red pearl) and Money Honey (mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl). 

My favorites out of the 5 are Sugarrimmed (obviously since it is a nude) and Like Venus. As you can tell from the swatches, they are not opaque glosses. I find they look best over a lipstick rather then by themselves. If I want to be extra I will wear these since it does give your lips a little bit of a pop verses a standard lip color. 

If you are looking for some fun glosses, I would highly recommend checking them out. They can be purchased at or for $17.00 each. 

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Day In The Life| Mommy Blog #1


I am so excited to share a new series to my blog! I decided I would love to do mommy posts a few times a week that includes photos of my little one as well as what we did today! Pretty much like a vlog but without video! I thought it would be so much fun to see how many little one changes throughout the days, weeks, months and years! And what better way then to document it each step of the way.

So today is obviously August 14th and Mila is currently 13 weeks old.

We had a pretty boring day today. After Mila's first morning nap she was ready for some play time on her mat which she loves. It has little toys hanging from it and she has been starting to reach for them and play with them. I also caught her grabbing her feet! She seriously needs to stop growing! She is growing up way too fast.

We also notice that she has a little obsession with Spongebob. She will cry and cry and cry, but as soon as we turn Spongebob on, she stops! I am not sure why out of all shows she is so drawn to it, but oh well, at least we don't mind Spongebob.

In the even we went to Dollar General, which is one of my favorite places to coupon. I ended up getting a couple of deals which I forgot to take photos of, but if you would be interested in reading up on some of the couponing deals I come a crossed, let me know and I would love to do some posts on it.

That was basically our day, other then the boring stuff like laundry, cooking dinner and bath time! But like I said, I just want to be able to look back on how things change through her growing up and this will for sure help!

Let me know if there is anything from our day you would like me to include in these type of posts, like maybe cleaning photos (before & after), our dinner etc. I really hope you guys enjoy these posts as well. I will be sure to have a mix of beauty reviews up as well.

I Joined DotDotSmile! Becoming a Distributor & Being My Own Boss


Hi everyone! Today I have a little bit of a different post for you. I have been kind of MIA lately but it has all been for a good reason! I recently signed up to become a Distributor for DotDotSmile. If you haven't heard of DotDotSmile before, don't worry I will share tons of information. DotDotSmile has adorable infant and toddler clothes that you sell. I was very interested in this since I have a daughter and thought it would be so much fun to have our own little clothing boutique.

With DotDotSmile I will be selling in on Facebook, vendor shows and in house parties. I am so excited because all of my inventory will be arriving this Thursday and I will be posting all the cute dresses Friday!

I made a little space in my beauty room where I will be storing all of my pieces as well as doing all my work like invoicing, filing paper work and shipping supplies.

I have been a stay at home mom and now that Mila is three months old, I am really not ready to put her into day care. So I wanted to find something I could do at home so I could still have plenty of time with her. And this will also help with more bills and everything as well.

I am very excited to share this journey with all of you. If you are a mother of a little girl and would love to see my inventory when it arrives, please feel free to join my group:

I also have a giveaway going on where if you add 5 of your friends to the group, you could have a chance to win $10 smile cash towards your purchase. I will be having sizes from 6months all the way up to size 12/14. 

If you have any questions regarding becoming a distributor please feel free to add me on Facebook and I would love to go over all of the information with you! 
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