Maybelline The Smokes Palette Review & Swatches

Maybelline has been so on point with releasing all of these new palettes. Every since I picked up The Nudes and The Brights, I have been on the hunt for The Smokes palette. Which I finally ended up finding at Walgreens when I was in Minnesota! I literally have been looking for this for months and when I took my trip to the Mall of America I went into a random Walgreens and it was there waiting for me. Now if you watched my little first impressions video on The Brights palette you would know I was not a fan of it at all. It was lacking major pigmentation, so I was hoping that with this palette would come amazing pigmentation, but it was pretty terrible as well.

The Smokes palette retails for $9.99-$12.99 (depending on where you are purchasing it from) and it comes with 12 different shades. 

  • Matte gray shade with a hint of dark green undertones, this shade applied really patchy and you really had to pack the color on to get good color pay off.
  • Light shade gray with a hint of shimmer, this shade was also not pigmented.
  • Dark black shade mixed with silver glitter, this shade did apply a little bit easier, but still a little patchy.
  • Light beige pink color with shimmer, this shade was probably one of the more pigmented in the palette. It had a nice texture and was easy to apply
  • Deep plum purple, super patchy and not pigmented.
  • Medium gray with hint of silver shimmery, again not pigmented and very patchy.
  • Matte medium brown, it had good color pay off, but also applied very patchy.
  • Light champagne color with shimmer, not pigmented at all.
  • Gun metal gray with silver shimmer, NOW this color was the true super star of the whole entire palette. This shade is EXTREMELY pigmented. I was really impressed when I was swatching this because it was so easy to apply and the color pay off was amazing. You can clearly tell from the swatches that this baby is amazing.
  • Light baby blue with shimmer, it shows up more silvery.
  • Deep matte dark blue, which again applied very patchy and had terrible color pay off.
  • Light baby pink with shimmer, this color barely showed up on my skin.
I was not happy with this palette at all. 90% of the shades were a huge miss. The only color that really stood out to me was the beautiful gun metal shade, which I will get my use out of it. Other then that I thought the palette was terrible. 

For a overall rating I would have to give it a D+, only because of that gun metal shade! Have you guys tried this palette yet? 


MAC Eyeshadow in Haux

So since I have been on a MAC kick lately, I thought I would go a head and keep going with another post on a MAC shadow. This is in the shade Haux, which is one of the shades I got while I was at the Mall of America. If you have never been there, they have seriously 3 MAC's. Well, actually they have two counters, and one free standing store which is where I bought this shadow. Ever since I started building my own palette I have been trying to stick with the refills because they are cheaper, and since they had a actual MAC store, I was able to get refills instead of having to order them online. It was such a hard choice, but I controlled myself and only walked away with two shades. 

Haux is a soft muted rosy brown with a satin finish. I have never owned a satin finish shadow by MAC so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I seriously love this formula. It is super soft and filled with amazing pigmentation. The formula is very easy to blend as well. I love this color to use for the outer corner or even in the crease.

I really recommend you checking out this eyeshadow if you haven't already! It is truly beautiful.


MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow

As my makeup collection grows, the more I want to try out different products from MAC. I have always been in love with MAC lipsticks, and I thought I might as well branch out to more MAC shadows. I only own a few, but the ones that I do own, I love. So I recently went out a little spree and picked up a few more shades to try out. And I have always heard amazing things about Soft Brown, so I knew I needed it in my collection.

Soft Brown is a beautiful golden peachy brown. I wanted this color mainly to use as a transition color. I thought it would be perfect for that. It also does a great job of defining your eyes. As I get older, I have been leaning more towards the matte shades, so this color is a new favorite. I also love how pigmented MAC shadows are.

Let me know what your favorite MAC shadows are so I can add them to my wish list!

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