Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Makeup By One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit Swatches & Review

Hey loves, I have some exciting post coming your way. I was able to receive a ton of the new Makeup By One Direction kits to review for you guys and I thought it would be perfect timing since Christmas is right around the corner and these sets would be perfect for either makeup junkies, or for that One Direction fan. The set I will be reviewing in this post will be on the Makeup By One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit that comes with 3 different lip glosses. This makeup line was created by the amazing Markwins. Also this is a limited edition set.

In the Liquilights Glow Gloss Kit you get 3 different shades of glittery glosses. The first shade is Kiss You which is a orange shade, but when applied to the lips it looks gold which I think would look beautiful on top of a lot of different lipsticks. Next is Taken which is more of a fuchsia hot pink color. And lastly is Through The Dark which is more a magenta red color. All of these glosses are loaded with glitter, so if you do not like the texture of glitter, you may not like these glosses. I think they look beautiful on the lips and would make wonderful toppers to any of your favorite Holiday lipstick. My favorite from the 3 would have to be Taken. I was also very surprised with the color pay off. I thought they were going to be more sheer, but they for sure have a lot of color to them. 

I think anyone who loves One Direction and makeup will love this set. You can purchase the set at for $16.50 so it is very affordable.  

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Paula Dorf Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey everyone, today I have a review on the Paula Dorf Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette, which was sent to me to review. The palette comes with 5 different eyeshadows which are all perfect for a everyday look. I feel in love with there eyebrow product, so I was extremely happy to be able to review this palette.

This palette comes with a cream color, which didn't really show up on my skin tone since I am very pale, but I think it would make a great brow bone highlight shade. Next we have this very beautiful light blue color which has a hint of golden shimmer mixed through it, which this color just adds a nice pop to your makeup look. I found this shade to be very pigmented. Next we have a shimmery grey color which has more of a purple undertone. I found this shadow to be a little chalky and did have some fall out, but overall I think this will be a great shade to define my eyes. Next we have a matte light brown which will make a great crease color. I loved the formula of this shadow. I had little fall out and the pigmentation was on point. And lastly it comes with a dark brown matte color which is a great crease color as well, or even for the outer corner. This shade as well had great color pay off.

Overall some of the shadows were a hit and some were a miss. The mattes and the blue shade are my favorite from this palette. I would give it a overall B rating since I love the packaging and most of the colors were pigmented and not chalky. You can purchase this palette at for $36.00 and also you can use the CODE "TEAL" to receive a free mascara which I also included in this post.  
I love the packaging of the mascara. It was hard to capture the teal on my camera, and it wasn't very noticeable on the lashes.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Swatches

Hey loves I have an exciting post on one of the best Holiday items that I have purchased this year and its on the Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix set. This can be found at Sephora for only $25.00 and it comes with 4 different high pigment lip pencils. Currently this set is sold out online, but you still might be able to get your hands on it in stores. I have been obsessed with Bite Beauty lately and as soon as I saw this online I jumped on it. It is such a great deal and the high pigment lip pencils are literally amazing. I kinda went a little picture crazy, so I hope you don't mind!

I am going to talk about each shade in order from the swatches below.

  • Sable- is a very beautiful peachy nude shade
  • Rhubarb- is a berry mauve shade (this one is my favorite out of the whole set)
  • Winterberry- just like the name, its a berry color. It looks more red then berry, but you can still see the hint of purple mixed in there
  • Pomegranate- is a beautiful true red color (I think this will be the shade I wear for Christmas)
One thing I really love about this set is the cute packaging. It comes in a tin that you can use for anything you want and it comes with cute tissue paper that has bunch of B's on it. I think its the cutest thing in the world.

I am so in love with the pigmentation and how amazing these feel on the lips. If you haven't tried any Bite Beauty products before, I highly recommend you trying the high pigment lip pencils which can be found at for $24.00 each and they come in many different shades.