Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Glamour Dolls Off With His Head Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Hey everyone today I have an exciting post on a new eyeshadow palette by Glamour Dolls. This is in the shade Off With His Head and I am seriously in love with this palette name. I also love how girly the packaging is on the palette. 

This palette comes with 5 different colors. Starting with the lightest shade we have a very light pale pink, then we have a grey purple shade, below that is a deep purple, and then we have a darker grey purple and lastly a black. All of the shades have more of a matte finish, and there is no shimmer to this palette. Which is something I love because they shades are perfect for the fall and I generally don't use shimmery shades in the fall, so I know I will be pulling this palette out a lot.

Pigmentation wise I thought it was fairly pigmented. The lighter shades were a little hard to see on my skin tone since I am so light, but the darker shades were incredibly pigmented and looks lovely with my skin tone. Also the shadows were very buttery which makes it so nice to apply. My favorite shades of this palette would be both of the purples and the light grey color. I think it would make a wonderful purple smokey eye. 

This palette is only $3.99 (which is a steal) and can be bought at 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yes To Coconut Naturally Smooth Lip Balm Review

Hey loves, today I have a quick little review on the new Yes To Coconut Naturally Smooth Lip Balm. I have never tried any products from Yes To Carrots, and when I found out they were coming out with a Yes To Coconut, I was so excited because I am a huge coconut lover. So far the only thing I have purchased from this collection was the lip balm. It has been so hard to find, but I ended up finding it last night at Target and it was on sale for $2.84 so of course I just had to get it.

Basically this balm features a triple threat of moisture. It is made up of aloe, coconut and shea butters which are all very moisturizing to the skin and lips. I found this balm to be one of the most moisturizing balms that I have ever tried in my life. It lasts for hours so you do not need to re apply every 10 minutes like a lot of balms. Also the scent is amazing because it smells just like coconuts. What could be better right? If you are a fan of coconut and want a really good balm, I highly recommend this one to you. You will not be disappointed. I also love the sleek packaging of the balm because it is much thinner compared to a regular chap stick. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette Review & Swatches

Hey loves, today I have an exciting post on the all new Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette. I was so thrilled when it was announced that they were coming out with a second basics palette. I am in love with all of my naked palettes by Urban Decay so I knew I needed this one in my collection.  A lot of people were very skeptical when this palette came out because they all thought it looked like the first basics palette. Though some of the colors may look the same, they are actually very different. This palette has more of a cooler tone verses the basics 1 which has more of a warmer tone. 

This palette comes with 6 different shades. The first shade is Skimp which is considered a pale nude satin. when swatched it came off pretty yellow on my skin tone. Then we have Stark which is considered a nude pink matte.  Then we have Frisk which is probably one of my favorites in this palette and its considered a warm gray matte which I do not have many shades of gray that are matte so I love it so much. Then we have Cover which is considered a muted red-brown matte. Then we have Primal which is another one of my favorites in this palette and its considered a muted brown matte. Then lastly we have Undone which is considered a deep smoky brown matte. 

Pigmentation wise on this palette I thought it was great. I didn't have to pack on the colors in order to get a good color pay off. I do enjoy most of the shadows in this palette. The only one I am not really a huge fan of is Skimp. I feel like I have too many shades like that in my collection. Overall though, I am very pleased with the colors and after owning both Naked Basics 1 and 2, I do enjoy having both in my collection. Some say you don't need both, but it really depends on which colors you find better suit you since like I said this one does have more cooler tones. 

Overall I would give this palette a A because the colors are so pigmented and have such a great texture. You can purchase this palette anywhere that sells Urban Decay & you can order online here. This palette does retail for $29.00.