E.L.F Flawless Eye Shadow in Golden Goddess

Hey girls, so I have a post on the new E.L.F Flawless Eyeshadow Quad's in Golden Goddess. I haven't purchased anything new buy E.L.F in a long time, so when I went to Target I had seen these in stores and thought I would pick one up and give it a try.
Since these are only $2.00 I wasn't expecting much when it came to this quad. They come with 4 shades: A Base color which was a light cream shade, A Lid color which was a light matte brown, A Crease color which is a golden shimmer, and A line color which was a dark matte brown. Overall I think the packaging is alright. It's pretty slim so its good for storage. The eyeshadow's them selves we not as pigmented as I would have hoped for, but overall it wasn't too bad. The Line color was very chalky and I had to pack it on to get color. 
Overall I would rate this palette as a C. 

I think this palette would be good for beginners looking for a cheap eyeshadow quad that has decent color's in them. 


  1. After seeing your photo's I really wanna get this quad. I got the one in Happy Hour and its more of grey's and purple colors, so its not that great for everyday but I think this one would be perfect.

    xo Krystal

    1. Yeah, the colors are pretty good for a everyday look :D I'm sure with a primer the colors will stay on longer and look better :)

  2. This is so pretty. I'm a huge neutrals fan so I will definitely be picking it up. Thank you so much for posting these great swatches :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah for $2 you really can't beat that

  4. Lovely colours and palette. I love how it says what the colour can be used for


  5. It looks like you had the same problem with the line color that I had with one of my mineral eyeshadows. Some of their shadows just can't be worked with, and it's so sad because most of them are SO good!



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