Day In The Life|Mommy Blog #5 Fun Fall Day

Hi loves, I thought it was time for another mommy blog. This passed weekend we went on a little rode trip (only about an hour and a half away) to the Hayes Corn Maze. Saturday was literally our last good day of weather before we get hit with snow. In the U.P of Michigan, we usually get a lot of snow, so we had to take advantage of the last good day we had! So my boyfriend, Mila, my boyfriends sister and her son thought it would be fun. I've never been there before so I was super excited.

They had a corn maze you could walk through, a hay maze, small farm animals, food and of course pumpkins. I thought it would be the perfect place to get some fall photos. When we first got there we did the corn maze first. To make things easier I wore Mila in a carrier because I thought the stroller would have been a pain to take through the maze since it was pretty bumpy. Every time we go anywhere, I love to carry her in it because it makes things so much easier. The baby carrier we use is the Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1. It's super affordable and works perfectly for what we use it for.

After we went through the maze we went and looked at the smaller farm animals. Mila still doesn't seem to amused by animals yet. And after that we went for a hay ride. It was seriously such a fun day. It did start to cool down after the hay ride so we ended up feeding Mila, then took a few photos and headed back home.

I want to make it a family tradition and go each year. I took a photo of Mila and Donald by a height measurement cut out, and I want to get one each year we go because I think it would be so cute to look back on! Here are tons of photos I hope you enjoy looking at.

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